Friday, April 29, 2011

A Beginning.

At the time of your reading this, a lot of things have already happened which have made this possible. An idea was formed, a team was assembled, a brand was crafted, and a website was built (as well as a corresponding page on every social media site imaginable). Nightly meetings have been held, during which our goals, as well as our egos were laid on the table. Jokingly, Mitchell “The Beast” Yee, told me last night that “Its not about you anymore.” And who knows to whom he was paying his homage, but the point actually resonated. What he actually meant was that its not just me that will make this thing work, but all of us together, working on this thing. This thing is Urban Backpacking, and we are about as serious as satellite radio when we tell you we are going to do all we can to make this brand, and in general this whole idea, live up to its true potential.
So tonight, as we launch our website, we ask that all of you take time to ponder the hard work that has already, and will continue to, go into making this vision a reality.  Turning this from a drunken idea I had one night on the way to 7-11, into a potential game changing opportunity, as well as the experience of a life. We already have fans all over the country, and if all goes according to plan (foreseeing a few minor slip-ups along the way) then someday we will be grabbing our backpacks, plotting a route, and taking to the streets in the greater metropolitan areas of cities worldwide.
From all of us here at The Urban Backpackers, we’d like to say thanks for reading, listening, and watching us from the beginning. MUCH MORE TO COME!